T-S 27 nad vesnicí

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T-S 27 "nad vesnicí"

This casemate is public museum from spring 2003
Museum is operated by
Military historical club KVH Brendy

right part of casematte

Open days in 2015:

Brochure about casematte

KVH Brendy is civil association, which is mantain casemattes T-S 27 and T-S 28. During the thirties of the last century heavy fortification was build at the northern border of Czechoslovakia and so it was at Jestrebi hills, locally called "Brendy" (out of German "brennen" - to burn). In the past 400 years coal has been mined here. The Jestrebi hills start at Petrikovice and ends at Hronov, with highest peak ®altman (739m). Here at Odolov village the casemate TS 27 "nad vesnicí" has been built, now it is under reconstruction with a small historical exposition.

Dear visitors,
our casematte is small private museum. Historical expositions are available in casematte in opening days only. Our casematte is still in reconstruction therefore, we ask visitors for leniency.
Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to your visit.

Access path is for pedestrian visitors only. Object path is marked by indicators from the pub "U Lotranda", around jail (věznice) and the forest path through the "kraví hora" (Caution - there is a casematte T-S 28), to our casematte.

X: 56 00 502 Y: 35 77 714
N: 50° 31' 47.6 E: 16° 5' 39.4"


Would you like to visit our casematte in other time than opening days, please contact us on email adress osadka @ t-s27 . cz

Michal Souček & David Šrůtek